What Kind of Quilt Should I Make?

So, you’ve decided to create a quilt? Whether it’s your first quilt or your twenty-first, your first step is to choose which type of quilt you’d like to make; which will be the most satisfying for you and the most beautiful!

Listed below is a simple list of the different types of quilt styles and a short explanation of each.  If you find a type you like, you can do a bit of research by checking out the many quilting sites or browsing through the many books available on quilting at Amazon.com

 The major types of quilts are:

Patchwork or Pieced



For the artistic quilter, this type uses several different patterns and colors of fabric (very light to very dark). They are cut into little squares and then used to make a painting-like design. Somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle. 

Whole Cloth

Also know as “White” quilts.  A large single piece of fabric (usually white) where the quilting stitches are the actual design.

Choosing the right type of quilt is the first step and an important one. I’ll write more on this subject in a future article.

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